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Festival creation incubator


After the first decade New Circus Festival is changing direction in order to celebrate its faith in art in a more lasting and appreciable way – it is becoming a biennale! Preparing for its next full version in 2016, this year will be the years of even more intense involvement and investing in art in its production phase that will enable the audience to follow the growth of shows from an idea to the finished product! […]

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Barely Methodical Troupe // Alexander Vantournhout // Nata Galkina & Ximena Ameri // Lana Paić // Miguel Gigosos Ronda // ROOM 100 // Angela Wand // Triko Cirkus Teatar // Cridacompany // WHS

circus wednesday

Wednesday is the day when we make circus canvas out of movie screen. With free entrance, find the circus movies in Zagreb, Split and other places!

other programs

Workshop for children and youth: acrobatics, break dance, contortion // Tasmanian tiger, Commodore 64… old circus? // Contact improvisation master class // Freaky Friday

international projects

OTHERHOOD conference – Circus and Identity // Croatian Circus Creation Export // Circus Advocacy Days // FACE // Unpack the Arts

books & publications

Through the thorns to the schools (HR) // Conversations on Circus Teaching // Women & Circus // short horror stories // Stradda

Barely Methodical Troupe // Bromance


The new rules of masculine tactility and its limits are the central subject of “Bromance”, performed by all-male circus trio Barely Methodical Troupe. This is the show about trust, support, intimacy and male friendships […]

Alexander Vantournhout // ANECKXANDER


“Aneckxander” is a tragical autobiography of the body. It examines how the gaze of the Other reduces our identity to a number of physical features: disproportions, vulnerabilities etc. The naked acrobat tries to escape this by always taking different physical shapes […]

OTHERHOOD // Circus and Identity


The circus seems to be an emblematic example of the Other, the refuge for the outcasts. But in the radically changed world has the role of circus changed as well? How do circus artists approach the subjects of gender, nation, religion, sexuality, freak? […]

L’Estock Fish // Kuliss


This is Magda’s universe – a dusty space in which she sews, fixes, manufactures. One stormy night she creates Hector – a puppet that will become the perfect lover, replace everything she lacks in life […]

Miguel Gigosos Ronda // Möbius


Dozens of pink balls dissolve the world of an unusual fantasy, while juggler takes the audience through his imaginary maze, juggling with deteriorating expectations, creating knots, twisting his acrobatic body […]

Triko Cirkus Teatar // Clown Cabaret


The clown is a result of a constant process of searching, testing, discovering. Seven Croatian clowns show the climax of such research. The audience laughs to the clown, the audience laughs to oneself. Clown lives […]



The title of the show refers to the director’s ill brother whose eyes – do not blink. The schizophrenic, trapped somewhere between their inner world and the exterior which they perceive as increasingly threatening, drowns in hallucinations […]

Angela Wand // Wounded Animals


From the artist’s first confession in the cold Californian church till this last one on the stage of Scena Travno, the intensely honest striptease reveals tragic dilemmas around race, gender, nationality, religion and age […]

Cridacompany // Mama/Papa carnaval


Crida’s carnival invokes the absurd, offbeat and burlesque registers. Four lyrically brutal and brutally lyrical clowns, without the red nose or traditional costume, invite us to their carnival, to come very close to a glimpse of our truth […]

WHS // Lähtö


The couple has drifted apart from each other and is now floating in the middle of dreamlike imagery. Inspired by the work of 19th-century magicians, the performance creates a mysterious atmosphere where absurd humour and tragedy alternate […]

WHS // Cutting Edge


Decapitation is an act of tyranny, but also a spectacle. Two women and one man, progressively cut into pieces, participate in a dark-humoured and perverted mix of baroque theatre, magic, acrobatics, contemporary dance and punk gig […]

Lonely Circus // Fall Fell Fallen


Two artists, a musician and an equilibrist, listening to one another, moving carefully across the space-sheet between blocks of unconventional „instruments“ – various mechanisms, vinyl records, slacklines, wooden bars […]