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Double Bill // Antipode & WAK


Double Bill: Antipode & WAK
Nata Galkina (Russia/France) & Ximena Ameri (Peru/Belgium): Antipode
Alexander Vantournhout (Belgium) & Harald Austbø (Netherlands/Norway): WAK
Zagrebačko kazalište mladih, Teslina 7, Zagreb
Saturday, 12.11.2016., 20:00
Duration: 90 min with intermission
Ticket price: 60 kn
Ticket sale: ulaznice.hr or ZKM box office

Guest performance realised in cooperation with:
Mala performerska scena
Zagreb Youth Theatre

Guest performance supported by:
Grad Zagreb
Ministry of Culture of Republic of Croatia
Zagreb Tourist Board
French Institute

In this double-bill evening, we will present the artists with whom the festival cooperates as a co-producer. What connects the two proposals is that they are both duets, a male one and a female one, and that they embody a highly multicultural dimension – in just a few persons, six defining countries are being manifested, from as many as three continents!

The first co-production, “Antipode”, got its title from the geographical term that marks the places which are on diametrically opposite sides of the Earth. “Antipode” is work-in-progress of the final show that will be named “2005” (the number that embodies antipodism in itself).  Nata Galkina, Russian circus artist whose path went from Ukraine via Germany to France, is a specialist of foot juggling. Ximena Ameri‘s world is also turned upside down – while still in Lima, the Peruvian attended the Russian-Peruvian school. From the hell of drugs, she was saved by the Drama Academy. In Finland she discovered Pina Bausch, which brought her to Germany where she discovered Nata Galkina. Today she carries a Belgian passport. Both artists on stage, with a big life luggage on their backs, search for a replacement for Home.

Update: Due to Ximena Ameri’s injury, “Antipode” will be presented only through Nata Galkina’s solo.

wakThe second performance of this double-bill evening is called “WAK”. In Northern Frisian language this means “hole in the ice”. The icebreakers are a Cyr-wheel acrobat, dancer and circus artist Alexander Vantournhout from Belgium, and actor and cellist Harald Austbø whose roots are from the Netherlands/Norway. They are connected by a passion for improvisation. In this “scored” improvisation duet, the spectators and the performers will experience the same: neither side knows what will actually happen. The project was launched in Amsterdam’s famous cultural centre Melkweg – the artists met each other just a few hours before the performance!

Age recommendation: 10 +
Language: some English, no translation

Antipode (work-in-progress)
Concept: Nata Galkina
Performance: Nata Galkina, Ximena Ameri
Direction: Ruth Steinthal, Jérémy Olivier (cie Toi d’abord)
Set design: Manuel Marrot
Music: Lih Qun Wong
Production: La chouette diffusion (Cécile Imbernon)
Co-production: Mala performerska scena – Festival novog cirkusa
Residency support: KUC Travno, Clubture

Concept and performance: Alexander Vantournhout & Harald Austbo
Production: NOT STANDING

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